David Ponciano

David Ponciano

(Guatemala | 1993)




Born in Guatemala in 1993, David Ponciano is a self taught painter, sculptor and the founder of Nostra Gallery.  Art became his passion at very young age but he started to practice his career as a professional artist in 2013. He has exhibited his work in several galleries including Piegatto, Viterra, The County Cultural Center, The Vault, Design Center and other private exhibitions. Has commissioned works for local and international collectors. His main techniques are Classical Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Mixed Media and Terracotta. Connoisseur of a variety of painting styles, he has mostly developed in: Abstract, Surrealism, Realism, Cubism, and Chiaroscuro.  A characteristic technique of him is the Luminescence, he points it as his “signature technique”, achieved with special pigments that glow in the dark or react to ultraviolet light. Ponciano is a multifaceted artist that manifests his feelings and philosophy through his creations. Inspired by the beauty of nature and greatly influenced by observing the work of other great artists.




“As a creator I find myself in constant research, a search for knowledge and techniques to achieve the apparent unattainable satisfaction of the artist. My mission is to share the ideas, feelings, experiences and sensations found in my relentless search and never stop creating. I believe in the energy of the universe, the spirit, science and metaphysics. I maintain the idea that everything is possible and that life goes beyond what can be perceived as a biological unit.”